Most of the items in this category are on introductory price due to not having lovely shop pictures as yet. As soon as we have beautiful project pictures we will move those designs into their final categories, a price rise will also occur then. This move can be happening at any time when we make the decision to remove them from the bargain corner.

This is your chance to safe money on these beautiful designs.

Are you a photographer superstar? Would you like to see your project pictures in our shop? Do you like to receive items from the BARGAIN CORNER for FREE?

Here is our offer:

1. Purchase an item in the Bargain Corner.
2. Stitch the item, create or decorate a project.
3. Take a stunning picture of your artwork that you believe is worth being shown in our shop window (no licensed motifs or fabrics and no watermarks must be shown in the pictures).
4. Send us an eMail with your pictures and your order number within 7 DAYS of your purchase.
5. If your pictures meet our requirements* to be used as a product picture showcasing our motif in a stunning way we will contact you and send you a voucher for the amount of the money spent on the Bargain Corner designs, to use that voucher for future shopping in our online shop. Only you are able to use the voucher, those vouchers are non transferable.

*Requirements: Pictures must be bright, sharp, in high resolution, not showing any licenced characters (on fabrics) or items in the background, and ideally look inviting to purchase the embroidery design. No brand names are to be shown, please also do not insert your watermarks. For more information please contact us via email.