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Advent Calendar 2023

Advent Calendar 2023

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Welcome to our 2023 Advent Calendar

We are exited to release our advent calendar for 2023.

There are 25 beautiful designs included, a mix of themes and techniques (fill stitch, sketch/doodle, ITH, applique, FSL ...).

Please select your HOOP SIZE before you add the Advent Calendar to your cart. The smaller size 10x10 cm / 4x4 inch is selected by default. (We cannot make changes to the size after the order has been placed.)

In true Advent Calendar style the content for each calendar day is a surprise until the design for the day will be released at 8am AEST (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) of that day.

So to be quick and safe 50% on the design you have to check in daily and get your design within the 24hours between 8am AEST on release day and 7:59am AEST the following day.

You don't want to wait to see what design is hiding behind each calendar door? You like a surprise and want to purchase the full package before the 1st of December? You want to make sure you don't miss a design on discount? And you also want to save even MORE money?

Ok, ok. We hear you. So here are our special offers:

For all the EARLY BIRDS we offer all 25 designs as an Advent Calendar Package for a fixed price, which will save you 67% on the final design price (compared to buying all 25 designs for full price).

Not only that: For all the SUPER EARLY BIRDS we have a further 25% Discount on that fixed price, which gives you a total saving of as much as 75% on all the included designs! But here is the deal - that SUPER EARLY BIRD offer ends on 31st October 2023.

How does it work?

  • Starting on the 1st December 2023 at 8am AEST (Brisbane, Australia) we will release one Surprise Machine Embroidery Design each day until (including) the 25th December 2023 (Christmas Day).
  • Each design will be heavily discounted with 50% off the final shop price (AU$ 6.00, discounted price AU$ 3.00).
  • Each design will only be discounted for 24 hours - until the next day when we open the calendar door for that new day.
  • Customers who purchase the full package during Stage 1 and Stage 2 will have access to all 25 Advent Calendar designs for FREE.
    You don't have to pay anything to download your designs. Just log in to your account, click on the design, add it to your basket and go to the checkout. It will appear as a free design. This will be a lifetime access as long as the shop is online.
  • Customers who purchase the Advent Calendar designs during Stage 3 (daily releases) pay the daily price shown on the designs. The designs will be ready for download in your customer account. his will be a lifetime access as long as the shop is online.


A little break down to give you an easier understanding how it works:

There are 3 stages where you can save money on all the designs. Stage 1 and Stage 2 giving you the option to purchase the designs in a full package and save big money. Stage 3 offers a discount for a single design on the day of the release:

Stage 1 - This offer has expired: Package Sale Price 25 Designs - Offer ends 31st of October 2023: AU$ 37.13 - save 75% on full price - during the Offer the discounted price will be shown at the checkout. Simply add the Advent Calendar Package to your cart and go to the checkout before the 1st November 2023. You'll pay the discounted package price for the Advent Calendar Package. Stage 2 starts on the 1st November 2023.

Stage 2 - This offer has expired: : Package Sale Price 25 Designs - Offer from 1st November until 10th December 2023: AU$ 49.95 - save 67% on full price. We offer you the package discount until the 10th of December even with the first 10 designs already being released. Perhaps you will find that the designs are so gorgeous, and you MUST have them all, that you regret not to buy the package earlier. You have the chance to get the full package until the 10.12.2023.

Stage 3: Starting on 1st December 2023 daily single design release (that discount always expires 24 hours after the release and when the new calendar door for the day opens): AU$ 3.00 - save 50% (equals a total price of AU$75.00 for 25 Designs in the Advent Calendar)

After the expiry of the discount and all stages, all designs will be available for full price as normal products in our online shop. This equals to more than AU$ 150.00 for those 25 Advent Calendar designs.

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