Collection: ITH Stuffies & Toys

The PDF instructions for our in-the-hoop (ITH) projects are second to none. We believe in clean, clear, uncluttered step-by-step guides and that is what we deliver. We focus on easy to read and follow, easy to understand and easy to view layouts in our instructions.

We supply written instructions as well as photographic guides. There is no 'zigzag' reading and no confusion. We endeavour to explain everything as simply as possible yet also as extensively as necessary so that even beginners are able to follow our instructions and thus create successful projects.

If you ever have issues with following our instructions, we are here to help. Just send us an email or join our Facebook Group Smart D'sign Embroidery Designs with Heart. Even if we are not immediately available at your time of posting, there is always someone from our long-term customer base somewhere in the world willing to help or a member of our test team.