FAQ & Helpful Answers

  1. Shop Location

    Smart D'sign Embroidery Designs is located in Brisbane / Australia.

  2. Products

    We mainly sell digital products in our online store. No shipping fee applies to our digital products, since they are download products.

    If we offer finished (physical) products from time to time, we only ship within Australia. If you reside outside Australia and you are interested in buying a physical product, please contact us prior to purchase so we can calculate the shipping costs for you. All tax and custom fees has to be paid by you.

  3. Prices

    All prices are in AUD by default. This is also the currency that will be used by PayPal to exchange into your currency when you process your payment.

    However, we also provide the service to show the prices in EUR, USD, NZD, CHF and GBP. Those prices are based on the daily exchange rate, which the shop updates once a day automatically. To see the fixed price that will be the base for your payment, just switch to AUD at the top of the page.

    By paying via PayPal your PayPal account will automatically show you the price in your currency by using the exchange rate that applies at the moment of your. This is a PayPal feature and has nothing to do with our shop settings.

  4. Payment

    International buyers can pay via PayPal.

    Australian customers are also able to use bank deposit / money order.

  5. Shipping / Download

    We do not send emails to deliver the designs. All designs are ready for instant download immediately after payment is received.

    If you pay with Paypal, you will receive an email that notifies you about your shopping and download status as soon as the payment is cleared.

    If you pay with money order the download will be accessable as soon as the money has arrived in our bank account. We check our bank account daily on business days, so in case of money order / bank deposit you will have access within 24 after payment has arrived in our bank account.

  6. Design Formats

    We deliver our designs in the following formats: dst, exp, jef, hus, pes, vip, vp3, xxx. If you require a format that is not listed, please contact us before purchase. Sorry, we do not provide ART format.

  7. File not readable - Transfer to the machinePlease keep in mind that I sell embroidery files optimised to be used on your embroidery machines, therefore the downloads includes DST, EXP, JEF, HUS, PES, VIP, VP3 and XXX as well as the system / setting files and color charts. If needed there are also PDF instructions to be used for the in-the-hoop projects.

    I do not send raw formats to be used to change the files in a digitising software. If you have a digitising software you may be able to open a machine format file but I do not guarantee that this is possible. I try to convert the files in as many versions of a software as possible but there are so many different versions of digitising software in use that I am not able to ensure the use in all of the available digitising software versions.

    I recommend NOT TO OPEN a machine embroidery design in any software. To ensure it is working always transfer the embroidery file directly to your machine (via you preferred way, most times with a USB drive). For that, you need to unzip the download folder, then go to the folder that contains the embroidery design which you want to stitch out, and in that folder chose the right format that your machine can read. Load this file onto the USB drive, than transfer the design into your machine. As long as the machine is able to read the hoop size the format is designed for, your machine will be able to read, show and stitch the design.

    Some machines have problems with USB drives which are too large or have too many files or even more then just embroidery designs on it. If your machine doesn't show the designs, try the following:

    Please ensure that your USB drive is not bigger then 2GB. Ensure that there are no other files then embroidery files in your machine format saved on this USB (no pdf, no zip files, no pictures). Ensure that there are not too many files on the USB drive.

  8. Hoop Sizes

    We have designs for many hoop sizes, however we do not offer designs for all available hoop sizes on the market. Our focus is on the quality of the design and the best size to show case it. If we don't offer a design in a certain size we have our reasons, either it wouldn't make sense (because it does not look good or does not work in a smaller or larger size) or we just didn't spend time to test it in another size.

    If you wish a certain to design to be available in your preferred hoop size please contact us. We will check the request and the design to see, if it is possible to offer that specific design in a different size. Please don't be disappointed, if we are not able to resize the design for some reason. As a designer prefer to offer high quality rather than making a design available in all hoop sizes just got get a sale happen (that could end up frustration for the customer because the design won't look good in a certain size).

  9. Discount & Sales

    Discounts and Sales will be promoted on our homepage, our Facebook page and via newsletter. If you want to get notified automatically about upcoming sales, the easiest way to not miss any sale is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time without telling us the reason.

  10. Customised digitising

    We offer professional digitised embroidery designs and we are happy to digitise your logo or artwork. If you are interested in an embroidery design made from your logo or artwork, please contact us at info@smart-dsign.com, don't forget to send a high resolution picture and information about the requested design size and the embroidery format you need, as well as the fabric you want to embroider the design on. We will get back to you with a free quote within 24 - 48 business days.

  11. Test embroiderer (tester)

    From time to time we look for people who'd like to test our designs. If you are interested in becoming a "tester", please send your application to info@smart-dsign.com but please keep in mind that we might need a few days to get back to you.

    Please only send your application, when you can tick all of the below boxes:
  • you are an experienced embroiderer, you know how to use your machine, chose the right stabiliser for the design and the fabric and you can read and understand pattern, colour charts and tutorials
    you are reliable and are able to keep secrets, do to the fact that test designs are not online yet and you have to wait for public listing until we uploaded the designs into our shop
  • you are a creative person with wonderful ideas to bring our designs to life and you are able to take stunning pictures of your creations. You also give us permission to use your pictures in our shop, at Facebook and for advertising (even after the test embroidery contract ends)
  • you agree to sign a test embroiderer contract, that tells us some personal things about you (name, full address, phone number, email address etc). Since we trust you giving you our designs for free to use (even for commercial use) we'd would like to know you better before we send you our designs.
  • You are active on Facebook or with an own blog and you agree to help us advertising new designs and promotions whenever we ask you. OR (in case you are not on Facebook and don't have a blog at all) you agree to send us beautiful pictures of your creations to be used in our own advertising and in our shop.
  • We would prefer that you are not testing for other digitisers while you are on a contract with us.

    If you can answer all the above points with "yes" we look forward to receive your application. Should we not need a tester at the time of your application, we will get back to you later.