How to use BX fonts - by Smart D'sign

Smart D'sign is a qualified digitiser, certified by Embrilliance to create and sell BX fonts.

Here is a short induction how to use our BX fonts on your computer to create your very own personalised items.

Please note that not all of our alphabets in the shop include the BX format yet. Only products that mention the BX format in the description will also have that in the download file.

BX fonts are game-changer. BX fonts are keyboard fonts which simply means that you just type your words in your Embrilliance software (Express is a free version to be used for that matter). You then just save the design in your machine format, load it to your machine and stitch it out. How easy is that? You don't have to load every single letter or number file into your machine and position them to create a word. Its all done in Embrilliance just by typing ...

So, here is how to download and use the BX fonts.

  1. You need Embrilliance. Go to and download the version for your PC or Mac.

  2. Install the software on your PC or Mac.

  3. It will ask for a serial number. If you don't have one and just want to use the free version of Embrilliance for your BX fonts, simply click 'DONE'.

  4. The next window is telling you, that you run Embrilliance in Express Mode with limited features (because you didn't enter a serial number for one of the Embrilliance modules). That is fine.

    Click OK. Now your Embrilliance Express software is running and you can start importing and using BX fonts as well as the fonts already installed on your computer.

  5. You must import your purchased BX fonts to Embrilliance one time before you can use themHere is a great video (click opens a new window) from Embrilliance on how to install BX fonts.

    - Open your Embrilliance software. 
    - Unzip or extract the ZIP folder that contains your purchased BX font (you MUST unzip the folder in order to be able to install the files)
    - Open Windows Explorer or Apple Finder and go to the folder that contains your extracted BX files
      (those files have a yellow-green icon with a needle).
    - Select the files you want to import and drag and drop them to the open design page in your Embrilliance.
    - Click OK on the confirmation screens that tells you that the font is installed.

  6. Once the installation is completed, click on the lettering tool on your Embrilliance screen.Embrilliance Express

  7. You can now select your installed fonts and change the wording.

  8. Once you are happy with your lettering, ensuring that it fits in your hoop, save the design in your machine format and send it to your machine. Happy stitching.

Please note: If you are using the free EXPRESS version of the Embrilliance platform you can only change the size of the native fonts that came with the installation of the software. To be able to change the size of imported fonts you must upgrade the software to ESSENTIALS.

For all English video tutorials how to install and use Embrilliance visit the Embrilliance YouTube channel. I have also some Embrilliance videos in my channel, but they are in German (as I think that no one can beat the Embrilliance YouTube Channel videos, they are just the best!).