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eBook HOBBY HORSE & UNICORN with Embroidery Files

eBook HOBBY HORSE & UNICORN with Embroidery Files

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UNICORN Hobby Horse E-Book & Sewing Pattern with Embroidery Files

Are you ready for a time travel? We are turning the time back to our childhood memories. Return to the times when we enjoyed playing with our friends and dolls, inside and outside, and riding our very own HOBBY HORSE ... Do you remember those times? Or maybe you are too young to remember but listened to your mums or grandma's stories and love looking at these old lovely pictures of your mum and her sisters and friends?

Well, the good old Hobby Horse Riding Stick has a comeback! Our new sewing pattern for a Unicorn hobby horse lets you unleash your fantasy and creativity. These little creatures are just made to make your children faces smile! Trust me ... And they are great ways to get your children more active. Just turn off the TV or Tablet, give them some magical tools to let them day-dream again ... and have fun.

This extensive sewing tutorial gives you a lot of inspiration. It even shows you how to give your Unicorn beautiful long eyelashes to impress the little rider ♥ and make her falling in love with it instantly.

Please ensure that you download the correct language version for your package. I have them available in ENGLISH and GERMAN. Please select your language before you go to the checkout. English is selected by default. As these are instant digital downloads no refund can be accepted once paid and purchased.

So what is included in this package? Literally you will get anything you need to make an adorable Unicorn riding stick. You don't even have to own an embroidery machine and can do the complete Unicorn on your sewing machine. Here is the content of the download package:

  • 1 fully pictured step-by-step tutorial (in either English or German, depends on your selection at the time of purchase) how to make the Unicorn hobby horse
  • a full list of all required materials
  • complete pattern for the Unicorn including ears, horn, eyes and nostrils
  • for those who have an embroidery machine: two versions of machine embroidery files for the eyes and the nostrils (you can chose from filled stitch eyes and applique eyes, both with the pictured eye lids with eye lashes) for the 4x4 inch hoop (10x10 cm)

You will get the embroidery designs in all the mentioned formats below.

Please note: This is NOT an ITH Project. It is a sewing project and you need either a sewing machine or must be able to sew from hand (recommended for faux fur fabrics though) to make this Unicorn riding stick.

Available formats: dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3, xxx

Idea, Text, Graphic Design and Digitising: Smart D'sign (C) 2019

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